Eco-Friendly Products with recycled material

Light up safely, explore the charm of firelighters

Specialists in solid firelighters

Lights Anywhere

Lights on damp ground, snow…even standing water

Burns Stronger, Stays Longer

1,000º flame lasts 10–15 minutes

Stays Lit in Harsh Conditions

Withstands 30-MPH windsa

About us

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of firelighters.

We prioritize stringent quality and safety guidelines.

Our commitment ensures that our production facilities meet the highest standards, guaranteeing superior products.

FZ Fire Starter Factory has FSC certification.
Synonymous with excellence in firelighter manufacturing.
We have passed BSCI certification.
Fire Stater Warehouse.


Say goodbye to unexpected flareups, dangerous chemicals, or harsh byproducts. Our innovative solution is crafted using purely natural ingredients, ensuring a pristine and safe experience.


Ignite the essence of simplicity. With a mere pour of Fire starter upon a gathering of timber, illumination is effortlessly summoned. Such ease, akin to a striking match, empowers you to forge the warmth of fire.


Ignite a blazing inferno within moments, defying any adversity that comes your way.

Product Categories

Wood Wool Fire Starter
Fire Starter Square
Fire Starter Stick

Wood Wood Fire Starter is the perfect solution for effortlessly starting fires in fireplaces, wood stoves, bonfires, and camping sites.

Introducing Fire Starter Square: Efficient and Reliable Fire Ignition in a Compact Package. Get your fire going effortlessly!

Fire starters tick are compact and efficient tools used for igniting fires in outdoor settings. These small sticks are coated with a flammable material, making them easy to light even in adverse conditions.

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